the relation

family submitted through consideration of distance
some kind of mental resistance
to the notion, that duty and devotion
are any kind of lock; any way to navigate past
any way to move into the future
practicing triage on your surroundings
amputation, conflagration, or suture
the electricity we are grounding
i felt like a foundling
you feel like a stranger, a divergence
what do you have to understand to have a resurgence?
you have to understand the other people in the equation
you have to understand the relation
and then you have to take part in the creation
of a family


under the lies

to recognise the self under the lies
to see with new eyes
there’s a surprise in the action
you feel the traction
as the tread grips
and where the previous was slips
and starts and false beginnings
this feels like a different innings

it’s just not cricket
it’s understanding when you’re in the thicket
bowled a googly, took one in the box
and all those other unsportsmanlike shocks
you are rarely ever on the rocks
you have the blues but aren’t in dry docks
and you can float out into something you sea
where the ocean meets the sky
and you can remember how to be
someone who knows how to fly
and you uncover your self from beneath the lie

Fried A

end of the week
start of something
at the heart of something
a part of something
the art of something

you have to put yourself there
put yourself somewhere
attempt something
or you are a dumb thing
you are an object

some days i am a half woke hand
needing a cup of coffee and
something always planned
be able to produce on demand
you sit, you rise, you stand

new orleans again

i been jazz head heading
with no water treading
with a treme float
with a sweet blue note
the second line playing
and the indians are dancing

i remember it being sweet
standing on bourbon street
dropping a smile by the moonlight mile

i dreamed buddy bolden
before i smelt the mississippi
i was swinging with louis
screaming with bird
be-bop dropping with diz
and stepping out with trane

i need to go to new orleans again

schedule change

i was watching Treme for the music
and it was lighter than Six Feet Under
but more profound than Star Trek Enterprise
and not a psychic kick to the guts like Mad Men
some days I need the lighter notes
not just some dramatic pentatonic scale

i want to remind myself in florida sunlight
that we are not in a place of winter
and nothing is as dark as it seems
and you can choose to leave shadows behind
and not everything is drama genre bleak and fucked up

in the land of common sense

these peanuts may contain nuts
this inflatable roll in your jigsaw mat won’t save lives
don’t stack babies in plastic containers
this bag may suffocate you
these scented pens aren’t edible
this hot coffee may scauld

in the land of common sense
is everyone so dense?
do you need you hand held like this?
or is trust an aspic kiss?

all the sheeple are doomed anyhow
fuck it, i’m with stupid now
the knitting of the lowest brow