blood sugar blues

i’m frosty
i’m sleepy
in need of food
a lay down
blood sugar blues
and the frustration frown

the jittery jive
of the legs, of the arms
i feel more alive
and the problem calms



in the distance
you think you see me coming
born yesterday
and ripe for the picking

but i dropped a while ago
the skin has toughened
the meat is chewy
i’m jerky, don’t jerk me

no soft touch
i can’t judge your handshake
thinking i’m a yank?
that you might pull my chain?

anger isn’t the response
just a weariness
a dull huh, oh another one
a fuck you would dissipate
in the journey

arrows of outrageous fortune

a day of small parts
with larger potential
where we invest our time
to what ends are we working?
is the arrow shot straight?

those days of spinning
one or: rowing in a circle
going nowhere
the parts we didn’t recognise
the maps no one identifies

our open eyes
washed clean of past lies
seers that hear and see
here is where we need to be
all the things we gave been
projected on our mind’s eye screen

a vision of the future
no creature to suture
like frakenstein
this future will be mine