yesterdays poem:

we play games
we read books
being massaged by a ghost
while watching the history of hip hop


return you to the now

it’s weird having you sick
non functional
wrapped in sheets
sheened in sweat
you are sweet
and disconnected

i spoon into your fever heat
my hand upon your belly
upon your brow
we can arrest it in the how
and return you to the now
drink your tea, eat your chow

another fucking cat poem

he’s about to write another fucking cat poem
says inner voice
about the failure of wisdom in trying to arrest a cat
such witticisms backing up behind the metaphor
what are these cat poems for?

if he had dogs
would he be barking?
would he be larking
around with cerebus similes?
would he see we’d tire of these?

we wonder
not to steal his thunder
but one more cat poem mewling
makes us think of the fire the book will be fuelling

nay, kid

you try on others clothes
but they don’t fit
need tailoring

you are stood there
wooden mask
and people are taking you to task

you need to be more real
feel the script unreel
the appeal in a peel

just another neuroses grown
imposter syndrome
it can be hard to find a home

undressing from the emperor’s clothes
you find yourself a displaced
asking why i’m here, and just because

translate myself in the writing

today i revisit a subject
writing more indelible moments of yes
when i am feeling more no
and don’t know

i am swimming slowly
i am treading water
i am writing
i am typing

i want to reach somewhere
and say something
and translate myself
so that others understand

these long days

they creak at certain points
it’s in the joints
slow accretion of weather’s sink

no news
no one knew
no one knows

cracking knuckles
it isn’t cold
but i dream it

sat awake
typing away
thinking of something profound to say

watching tv
sat there zombied out
trying to drag a thought out

these long days

dreaming of coffee

it’s been one of those hollow days
not enough sleep
nowhere near enough coffee

i’m trying to write
hit the cold brew portion of the day
and it lifts me out of the fatigue

but my open mouth
and the run of drool
as i hang over a precipice of self gone away

how do i stay awake?