blood in water

blood in water is a beautiful flowing rose
blood in stool is another kind of problem
age is an odd flowering
where mortality perfumes your life
and you start looking at the children around
and wondering how you might continue yourself
by downsizing the urge into something new
that reminds you of the lost you
and then you will come to understand
that something new is not a mirrored hand
it is something far better than you could explain
when you kneel into a prayer you would never utter
until you wanted to become a father or a mother


smart and art people

there are smart people
and there are art people
sometimes they’re the same
and then there are those who court pain
seek to appear sane while promoting insanity
claim they are doing good, denying the vanity

some you like to be around
others, you shut out the sound
wait for them to be run to ground
rabid dogs in the pound
sadly, examples abound


a ceasefire
it used to be bedecked with poppies
flags almost seemed secondary
i knew it was for dunkirk
and as a cub scout i was there to do duty
and as a scout i was there to do duty

today, i’m watching a new orson welles film
reading about the ceasefire
and wondering about politics
in a time where nazis walk the streets
and i think, what did they fight for?

cats watching people and doing shit

i must talk to the ceiling
i must spray to make the new house smell great
there are boxes i must sit in or on
flat surfaces are like catnip
but catnip is better, even better in a box
the room is longer
and this window is better than the tv
we’re just missing the cheese from the mac’n’cheese packets

and boxes and books and books

we just moved
and there were boxes
and boxes
and books
and books

and i unpacked
and unpacked
and we drove back and forth
cats in the closet, cats on the porch

upright dolly, flatbed trolley
shuttling from truck to door
and always there is more

thinking three years accumulates much
wishing for a moment i was illiterate
and the stacks of books weren’t so high
settling in

a woman needs a shower

there’s a white bird sat on the back of a chair
in the wawa, preening itself
i take a photo

we step outside and this lady is stood there
asking for change
her one good eye is looking at me strange

is that your wife?
she good
she a keeper

can you spare some change
not for food or drink or drugs
i’m a woman, i need a shower
i need to wash my pussy
pardon my french

we get in the truck
and we drive away
laughing – that was a first