hang up in it

i am a phone call today
i am an in person meeting
on the end of the phone
across the desk

you listen
you talk
is not always the destination

hang up
don’t hang up


near the fountains

i sit on a plinth
while you do surveys
it’s been a recharge day
getting hydrated
tasting the coffee
cheese and mac
sleeping on the couch
near a cat
a tv slouch
after a phone call
writing … recuperating
we live in a beautiful place

angry about

you’re angry about trump and putin
you’re angry about drivers on phones
you don’t want to swear but do
you don’t think america is great
all the bad examples
lean heavy on the horn

this is the end of america
this is the last president
people like trump
people like the bitch
who cut in front of you

i understand you’re angry
but what are you doing?

grey for admin with a park break

it’s a slide by day
coloured grey for admin
necessary filler day
when you do a lot
but the earth doesn’t move

we hold hands in the park
pick up trash
sneak away from homeless people
see strange patterns and growth
amidst the trees
bats dot the skies
and we climb a tree
fallen, growing horizontal

we get home
and we wash dishes
and we fold clothes
and we have a launchpad for monday
put in place on sunday

weird headaches

ocular migraines
occipital neuralgia
no normal headache pains
medical dictionary nostalgia

the stab in the eye
the stab in the neck
the headache pill lie
is just psychic dreck

i wish to be free if restriction
symptoms of my main addiction
undergoing another attack
i state i like my coffee black


only wearing wearing socks
stood in the car park
late last night
we meet james junior

dreads half yanked out
blood on face
dragged from his woman’s car
gun pulled, car stolen

don’t call the cops
take it into my own hands
got 4 kids at home
30 bucks for a ride
i can smell weed
and i’m wondering
is this where i live noe