grey for admin with a park break

it’s a slide by day
coloured grey for admin
necessary filler day
when you do a lot
but the earth doesn’t move

we hold hands in the park
pick up trash
sneak away from homeless people
see strange patterns and growth
amidst the trees
bats dot the skies
and we climb a tree
fallen, growing horizontal

we get home
and we wash dishes
and we fold clothes
and we have a launchpad for monday
put in place on sunday


weird headaches

ocular migraines
occipital neuralgia
no normal headache pains
medical dictionary nostalgia

the stab in the eye
the stab in the neck
the headache pill lie
is just psychic dreck

i wish to be free if restriction
symptoms of my main addiction
undergoing another attack
i state i like my coffee black


only wearing wearing socks
stood in the car park
late last night
we meet james junior

dreads half yanked out
blood on face
dragged from his woman’s car
gun pulled, car stolen

don’t call the cops
take it into my own hands
got 4 kids at home
30 bucks for a ride
i can smell weed
and i’m wondering
is this where i live noe

maybe a why

all these journey poems
are all people poems
are learning experiences
are about testing ideas

i ask questions on these rides
to see how people flow
and where they settle
and where they are turbulent

building an idea of the world at large
from the people living in it
not those who claim to be in charge
understanding the game to learn how to win it

wake and then wake


we wake up early
i need to get labs
not expecting the place to be packed
an old woman talks loudly about someone’s fat
i log my arrival on a touchscreen pad

there are supposed to be six phlebotomists
but only three turned up
they will be running an hour behind
and they’re closing the doors at eleven
and why do we need to know this?

i get up and i leave
my wife has to be somewhere soon
people look at me weirdly
that i don’t stay sat there
but i am more than just a breathing body waiting


i wake at 12 and rush outside
a gatorade and a protein bar
it’s raining, i stand there
wondering why my ride is late
is it because of the rain?

no, it’s actually at 2
i watch a film about a psychotic AI
i eat gluten free stuffed sandwiches
i’m good to go, even despite the rain
and it’s smoother

stop, turn the wheel, check the mirror
intersections are an issue
good on left turns, not so easy on rights
we practice parking
we do a lot of road practice, it’s good