whose exhausted ear?

i will ask you a question
and as you move to answer it
i will start talking
when you acknowledge me
i will ignore it

i am a people person and like to talk to them
but don’t catch me listening
it’s a loveable feature, right?

these things don’t work
they never work
do they work for you?
nah, how do they make it work?

who’s exhausted here?


just listen

to those who will not listen
but like to speak
i am tired
dam you
erected mentally
right in front of my face

the tariff is
you shut up
you listen
you acknowledge

i am not a sounding board
am i sounding bored?
your communication is flawed
you will be ignored
as i am

Journey With Flat Earther

by degrees
what he sees
discounts the globe
lit by the torch of satan’s liberty
stabbed by the penis of osiris
all a masonic conspiracy
red and blue venn diagrams
that orange 33, the diamond

is it instructive thats it’s too much?

i nod my head
smile at the flat earth UN map
i feel like a philosopher king
being told of the cave
the fire, the shadows on the wall
where do you stand
when the world wobbles?
not near the melting ice caps
which are walls at the end of the world

first professional driving lesson

today the stomach churns
i learn how the wheel turns
learning how to centre the car
learning signals
learning the three point turn

i feel good
slow into the corner
opening it up on the straight
matching the speed of the other vehicles

the left turns are easy
i master the right turns
slow over the speed bumps
the intersection’s a little harder
but i make it
two hours of driving done

i really don’t care, do you?

i really don’t care, do you?

in this post roseanne world look to the conners
dr huxtable was assassinated by bill
and every single male is an incel
and there is a swelling tide of #metoo
or is that the tip of an iceberg?
are we seeing toxic masculinity as the titanic finally?
seems kind of inevitable

i really don’t care, do you?

your life doesn’t pass the bechdel test
old white men carve up the territory
all men are born equal
and then we get their boxes ready for them
you disappear and you reappear
and your life makes little sense from the outside
people talk reductively about you
because they wonder what kind of mirror you are

i really don’t care, do you?

this morning you will be crafting a speech
using bible quotes to justify punishing children
and imprisoning children
you may liberally sprinkle with blame for the democrats
the ration of compassion was used up
on crooked lawyers people living in feckless country
how far can you go before your base wobbles?
how far can you go before your face slips?
how far can you go before it all topples?
a face of amber alert and pouting lips

monied relationship

some places i don’ like to shop
i remember standing, counting out change
for low dollar items
bad food to get through
i moved away from that

at college i almost starved
because i mismanaged money
and had none at points
and studying in london was the same
knowing i would increase debt by my actions

to have money isn’t a sin
though some cling to that idea
having identified a root of evil
but i want to grow a money tree
just so i am never broke