catpiss sofa

tiny cat licks the cushions
middle sized cat blamed for pissing
freaks out and starts pissing
large size cat starts sniffing

the sofa is mysteriously damp
i spray the deodorizer and forget
sit down in the wet
feel it soak through my trousers

a tail whaps me in the head
a flea jumps and i’m scratching
look at the cat scratching
wondering at all the fleas hatching

all the unbearable cuteness
all the explosive sharpness
sleeping with a hat on
to avoid claws only to get my neck scratched up


and all you want is help

love buckles
belt buckles
felt knuckles

we lay our hand upon the table
find the furniture is stable

and all you want is help
you find it in your self
you don’t find it on a shelf
don’t find it in a book
find it in a look

pick it up and give it away
and get it back in spades
this is my name
this is my business card
this is my shaking hand
this is so you understand

i love you
because you are my mirror
and a we come nearer
to a state of perfection
we are less in need of correction
fly the coop
of the self and the loop
of the self into the group
of the friend and the self
the self and the race
the race and the world
and the spirit
and it all
i will come when you call

attaining nirvana

i miss you kurt
i find it hard to listen sometimes
but when i do it makes me feel alive
back in the nineties
when it was less complicated for me
but you were getting more complicated

i listen to people who
maybe never had a band that was more than band
some people don’t understand
but who care about them?

bleach it, reach it, teach it
or nevermind
me i love incesticide
listening in utero


the decline of western civilization

films to enshrine
the decline
from punk
through metal
to gutterpunk

to decadence
to politics

but the kids survive
and the kids are alive
and they’re all good kids
skirting around the skids
until they hit the gutter

i feel like i’ve touched
these places, and understand the cadence
and none of these kids are dumb
but some of these kids are numb
frozen in ambition
giving their life some meaning


the war with fleas

samsara battle with cat fleas
the cat’s won’t coordinate their cycle
the vaccuum cleaner sucks because it doesn’t suck
with a flea comb, with a dish full of water
they scratch, i scratch

shampoo and collars
and countless dollars
but you love every critter
empty their litter
fill their bowls

three cats
three months
flea months


no money in it

i’m not sure people see writing as work
they see at as a hobby
they think i am being a jerk
when i act like they rob me
of time to sit and write
it’s a daily fight
to pitch the worth of art
they trample on your heart
but they never try nothing themselves
forget that the books on the shelves
were put there by someone like me struggling once
i need to be practical, not some art studies dunce

there’s no money in it
but those movies you watch
there’s no money in it
but those books you read
there’s no money in it
but those songs you listen to

lies everybody buys
while downloading for free
doesn’t cost much for hypocrisy