a sane gun conversation

a sane conversation
with real communication
and some education

not trying to misfire
in the gun discussion
by having no true aim
i want to make sense
be able to come to my own defence

i choose to live in the USA
but weapons were never part of my game
and despite the easy fictions
and the grisly depictions
i have not had to defend myself

i talk to learn
and i listen more
otherwise very conversation’s a closed door


Park, Land, Where The Children Fell

sat there like a vulture
fat there from gun culture
we get paid for speaking occasions
watch them play the evasions
media spin the abrasions
talk of false invasions

and the problem is immigration
another party caused the situation
don’t buy partisan when you want bi-partisan
take down every intellectual and artisan

we don’t ban the bump stock on automatic
tuning in through the usual static
why does it have be such a trek
to reach the revelation of a background check?
because it bumps stock
holding onto the 2nd, harder than trump’s shock
to believe
where do you grieve?