grow through it

it was an idea
a promise made
a question asked

we say goodbye
mourn from a distance
it’s hard to know what to say

i’ve been there
i understand
we’re not using words here

i would sit you down, brother
and tell you that i love you
and you can grow through it


a shooting

for a sewing machine

we watch him walk across the road
followed by the cop
pointed out by the woman

stopped in the effort of escape
he puts the machine down
kicks the flip-flops off

runs round the front of the car
and tries to jump in
the red lights flash

the cop at the side
and then three shots crack out

the girlfriend falls out of the car
pushes back towards the white car next to it
as the cop comes round the car

he undoes the door of the car
and the man falls out
big fat belly, smear of blood

and more police arrive
and the story unpacks
over five hours with local police and state

for a sewing machine