this is a wrong number

you believe in this
no i don’t
you don’t believe in this
yes, i do

hey you wanna listen?
hey you wanna talk?
i know it already
i heard about you

who from?
they got it wrong
this is a wrong number
you don’t have it


saw throat

spooning bedsheets
we wake to eat
and fall back asleep
after three days, no caffeine
we look to reset the screen

as the dishes clean
tumbler dry tumbles
and the clothes in the washing machine
my stomach rumbles
and i look for a meal

the throat is still sore
but i can’t rest anymore
have to be out that door
in the morning, ready for work
out where the shadows lurk
and jerked, you feel like a jerk

all the things you must swallow
broken parts feel the hollow
a few days out to wallow