spilt lemonade

spilling ginger lemonade
keyboard disaster
upend and towels
and a curious cat shuffle
through touch and taste and move around

we aren’t dreaming this
here amidst incomplete chores
all the work kind of bores
looking at exposed flaws

there are funky things abroad
there are strange things right here
making mistakes where something breaks
in a crystallised atmosphere of fear

but maybe i’m not really afraid
nothing more than a cup of spilt lemonade


unsure drive

i notice the hearing aid
i notice he isn’t sure of himself

we nearly rear-end someone
we nearly get t-boned
i get woken by sharp braking

he was friendly before
and he is friendly now
but i like being alive
and this isn’t a comfortable drive

i won’t give him five
i’d like to give him more
than three
but four last time
now seems like a request for more bad driving