people you can speak to
people that you like
that are of a like mind
that get it

magnetism in effect
signals that seem more direct
you send and they receive
you speak and they believe

the day disappears in fluid movements
edging into improvements
you hadn’t expected
your radar neglected

the complications disintegrate
as you communicate
and you easily relate
occupying a resonant state


the healthcare policy blues

babe, i’ve got the healthcare policy blues
and i paid my dues
you wonder what can you do
when sabotage leaks in from incompetence
and a script is a flimsy defense
it doesn’t make any sense

stay awake in stress
and worry about the fallout
i put the call out
try to work a solution
not trying to start a revolution
just looking for survival

so the week passes
and the weak passes
and the bleak passes
and the answer comes
for which i have waited
my policy gets reinstated

a cat person

i became a cat person
and i am good at it

today i laid a towel in the bath
and massaged soap into my cats

gandalf, the long haired siamese flame point
sits there quietly while i comb out fleas

then tootsie does the same
more comfortable with the game

i vacuum the whole apartment
a cleaning spree, i don’t mourn a single flea

street artists, st pete

carl’s into the way the light bounces off
the rock and roll of his art
roosevelt’s into details
dali and flowers, respectively

we find carl in starbucks
sketching out ideas
glad to see us
and old friend we met walking the block

roosevelt says he’s heard of carl
but never met him
makes his painting sale a deal for a pretty smile
i find him on the dancefloor later, tap his shoulder
take him off to give him his money

we met carl after someone stole his markers
brought back some we found
which weren’t his
and we’ve been talking ever since
he’s a land mark; he’s three dimensional art