saturday was a peach

at a peach festival where i saw no peaches
well, one tiny one
i ate mexican food, drank coffee
and talked to painters
and poets
and other people

as we were leaving
a vendor gave a small girl a banana
and her joy was an instant music

i dropped off to sleep
and woke
as we drove
through the classic car show
and i was looking at the batmobile
amidst mustangs, and hotrods
there sat the batmobile
minus adam west

a hot day
to dry out the previous night’s wet
from an early start to a good end


the friday fuse

one cat in the laundry room
it whines
the other frolics around
a game in everything
until it turns vicious

i am bad tempered tonight
tired from overwork
trying to decompress
eating gluten free cookies

tomorrow is going to be a long work day
so i bust out the computer and write
the water filter spits on me
the turtle in the corner of his kingdom
eyes open, waiting for me to go sleep

i am playing jazz
i am fraying spastic
i am not as elastic
as i was before
someone shut the door
on my tale

greedy instantaneous

disconnect umbilicus
no signal
it does not buzz
there are no updates

you sit there in the silence
and you wonder about the world
as it spins on
like a screen loading

a long time ago
you wrote letters
and awaited responses
it did not seem as bad

you are greedy instantaneous
you are buried in extraneous
you are touch screen
you are identity in sebum