with a travel pillow

i am a passenger with a travel pillow
i am passenger without neck ache
pushing the edge of sleep
and clawing a little back

the cats are an alarm clock
whining in unison
because they are starving
because the night is over
and it is time to eat
before they sleep

i try to write
at night
before i lay down my head
and get into bed
and snuggle myself asleep
before the 7:10 beep
and the extra twenty minutes
while ignoring cat whine
and bladder pressure

i get out the door
with my work supplies
wrap my neck in the pillow
and close your eyes



i will fight
until i am the most dominant cat
and if i lose
i want you to save me
so i can run in the same direction
as the one who has vanquished me

i love you stroking me
but i will claw your eyes out

i love you because you bring food
but i do not want to cuddle
when i feel like sleeping
it is fine if you are too
but if i am hungry
i will bat at your feet
and i will whine
and head bump your head

and sometimes i will fight

keep my litter box clean
or i will find another box
i’m fussy
i whine
i will fight

why are you not petting me?
i make a wonderful noise when you pet me
why are you not petting me?

busy day

a busy day
people moving around
you shake the hand
you smile
and all the while
you are thinking
what comes next

we are swapping
stories with the checkout girl
who doesn’t understand me
but laughs anyway
she’s pretty cool

we have one of those tired arguments
they swallow themselves
until you chop the gordian knot
and you are not
arguing again

tea, ramen noodles, and sleep
while i stay up
doing laundry
doing dishes
winding down into sleep
keeping an eye on the time

reading signs and directions

i am drinking decaf
and sugar
white chocolate mocha
a keyboard covered in cat hair
a suit i lint-rollered earlier
thinking about books on a shelf
published by myself

it was january 2007 i hit these shores
rolled in through jfk
and out to penn st station
walking up into chelsea
walking in amidst the tiles
and all the friendly smiles
the static avatars animated
i looked at my passport today

all the driver test places shut at 330
but our sitcom office workers
were friendly and gave us time and place
i have been studying signs and directions
some mundane automobile magician

all my backlogged time is caught up
and friday opens up a little sooner
and i get to see florida shinier
it’s been a good day
t-bone at the waffle house
and lemonade