the battle of the uber garys

three garys in a row
is there cause to celebrate?
they are uber garys
so perhaps there will be a contest
and i will only see one of them
and he will have a smug self satisfied grin
and i will know he is the ultimate gary
unless there is a fourth gary i have not met yet
then this gary from the first three will be
penultimate gary

every uber driver on a quest
to be the only single named being
under that name driving
perhaps i already met the ultimate uber mike
women do not pick me up
so perhaps it the amazonian equivalent
goes in an area of society
which i cannot access

am i the uber paul?
i have met no others at all
and this world is small
perhaps we ride parallel routes
at a junction: he stops and shoots
and the bullet glances off my laptop
as i write about other daily insanities