we were kerb-shopping yesterday
digging through the unwanted
roadside treasure
in good condition for the new house
late night vultures
circling with trucks, with torches

the old guy has a grateful dead tour poster
made of metal, a good find
i saw that, but didn’t want it
i think he was looking for friends too
he kept bringing offerings
like an old cat who can’t really catch anything

we were breaking down boxes
away from the house to make less noise
assembling a future
in a matter of days
thinking about the money we have to raise
and how all of this plays out
in the heavy lifting days of not quite yet



i have had
and have
sensitive skin
dried out

i remember not liking the beach
the sand played havoc with eczema
and the water rubbed salt in the wound
and no one understood the pain

as a teenager i applied steroid creams
i applied creams with lanolin in
until i recognised an allergy
and still it itched

florida dries me out
and soft extremities
succumb and flake
and crack and ooze

and the sense
that it will never truly disappear