a dance with a cockroach in the office

cockroach twitch
i do a screaming girl dance
as the head
and the left hand side dance along
i have noted before the flat slap
the slab of meat feel
and the unnatural
puppet string pulled animation

there must have been food
some crumb of nourishment
to pull it forth
from the dark
where it sleeps peaceful
it hides under a bin
for brief respite
and then thanks to my shoe
it’ goodnight


suffering in the driving seat

your incredulity is strange
i don’t know how to handle it
don’t know how to deal with the chop
with the failure to stop
and observe the signs
and to see the scene
you cannot work out what it means
and you throw up screens
of unsure, of laughing pure
of closed and open door
waves upon the shore
nothing fixed
real understanding is nixed
it is nothing like tricks
just an emanated confusion
that throws up the illusion of victim
suffering in the driving seat

you watch the machinery in some people

you watch the machinery in some people
it grinds along
rolls off their tongues
like rooted down circuits
all the manure dug into the soil
so that beanstalks can spring forth

he rides his bike around
his humanity pared down
to an outstretched hand
and a resigned smile
he will not tap on your window
tries to avoid getting run over

two guys, friends
look at the message each one sends
one is a quiet problem
one is a leaking libido
handshake ooze of ill intent
after a minute he’s spent

but some people roll freely
i speak to them and they see me
they can engage
because they are there
they are not a blank stare
they are somewhat aware

visiting st pete

we hear about him
the myth of big daddy again
sliding between hotel doors
with white girls in tow
who he can hook you up with
for a price

the car that used to pull up
sit there for an hour
with a person – not the driver
digging in the glovebox
for a fix
and then the driver takes it away again
a moving dropbox

we see our street artist friend
walking with a cane
off to an appointment
who is happy we say hello

we like this city
even with its flaws
it welcomes with open arms

cancer wig maker driver

you tell me about your room mate
and it isn’t hate
it’s disappointment
that she wants a personal assistant

you re driving to make some money
while you study
you are learning cosmetology
making wigs for cancer patients

there are some things you cannot joke about
i noticed you drive past three times
before you saw where i was
your compass is out of wig

bad pistachio aftermath

bad pistachio took me out
at least that’s how it seemed
waking with no real voice
just a croak

i slept the day away in bed
until my annual check-up called
and i had to catch a ride out there
with the albanian translator
i had ridden with before
and we talked politics
and a little about economic theory
or at least a leading light in the field

on the way back
i’m travelling with a guy
a mistake for irish
just out of colorado
after a deployment in iraq
now he teaches weapons handling

in small journeys we can learn lots
after a whole day away from my girl
she brings me chocolate marshmallows
and sparkling pear wine

bad pistachio

source of the bad throat
it is a burn of rot
i kind of eyed the blackness
but slipped it in my mouth anyway
like an idiot

and i cough up phlegm
more than before
like the shit i blamed on a dust allergy
ah, maybe it isn’t the nut
just some misguided idea
to avoid a health check up
getting sick every time just before

but i don’t want to eat bad pistachios no more