i sketched something today

i sketched something today
pulled forth the lines
from somewhere
tugging barbed wire
from a bird’s nest head
a mess of scribbles
something fluid
in the sky
above a head that wills it
this is the tangle of my artist heart
that tries to sing in harmony with yours
i am kicking open doors
living on unsures
where the water washes away
and we are left with little to say
i sketched something today


you driving

we drive up a one way street, wrong direction
to get eucalyptus for your congestion
drive somewhere else to get ice cream
for my starvation
it’s fun driving with you
some stoner on the radio
with an electronic raga
easing into some industrial car wreck noise
that pushes us to choose graceland
earlier we chose to fly pan am
and she had sixty circuits in her hair
if you are driving i would go anywhere

in black and white

we live in a general malaise
where apathy has seized the throat
and the much parroted phrase
is everyone this and everyone that
every single white and every single black
but it was never that simple
because we complicated it

situation no-win
discussing colour of skin
while people die
and people turn a blind eye
and people in uniform lie
and prince prays we don’t continue to cry
what are all the efforts for
if we can’t prevent a baltimore?

but i know we can turn the tide back
reverse the spiral as it dwindles
forestall any future attack
by killing the fire where it kindles

all the games come to light
when you stop asking for it in black and white

dream talk

your dream is loud and takes me
i am not sure what you are trying to balance
or why my legs across yours
would cause such uproar
but it has dream logic
and it means as much a mental hiccup
unless you say otherwise on the morrow

last night i woke you
to tell you i found my wallet
because for two days we’d looked
and we thought a new green card was needed
that cards needed to be cancelled
that snack money was locked

i wonder briefly
if that anger was a subsconcious flare up
reflection of the daily pressures
that go on building
but then i stow away the freud

i do not wish to think
too much upon it
just pass it off
as a waking nightmare

it calms down
but you open your eyes, smile
don’t seem awake

i wonder at manifest
and think on latent

we’ll talk in the morning

little snail

i sat reading
about how green is the new red
a mosquito in my periphery
i catch it
and smear my own blood around

a tiny snail inches past
and i take a photograph
waiting for my ride
thinking about my day
decompressing unwinding

i coil later
a viper at the bosom
a kick out of anger
impotent as the reason
for anything done wrong

no need for crash barrier emotions
just a little bit more awareness
a foot hovering on the brakes
this is what it takes
to be sane, to be kind

waking up

what’s obvious about me?
ambassador for a place i left behind
ten years back in a post code
that i remember
with a phone number i still call

i do not want a part of your apocalypse
and i do not expect any salvation
apart from something self delivered
from the empowered self

the oracle hated giving good people bad news
but hey, i’m not the one
i got off the bus at the last stop

when i woke up
i stopped needing an alarm clock

dishes and recycling

i leave you sleeping
to go wash dishes
take the recycling out
i see a little lizard sleeping on our plant
the basil is bent over inspecting the ground
everything else looks pretty healthy
just the odd one that flagged
or got invaded by weeds

i hope it has an impact
when you wake
and see a tidy kitchen
a little less to do
tomorrow evening
as we are staying late
for the classic car show