out through the trees

today i had a bad conversation on the phone
i knew i was being irrational
i felt like a dick
parrot loop recording playback bullshit
i calmed into a fuck you agreement
of no effort, and rudeness
got my ride, rode in, got picked up, rode more

out through the trees i seethed
out past the malls i breathed
i saw you, i heard our friend
our believed
and in the end
it’s hard not to fall for a family environment
with a clever six year old being sweet
and a caring person to make it complete


you can’t write anything but rainbows today

you can’t write anything but rainbows today
and tip your hat to history
and bid adieu to pain
that has persisted
because some can and some can’t
despite love being the only line
that needs to be followed
round in a circle
that binds into an eternity
something hearts already knew

asking for things

i hate to ask
it’s a hard task
so i leave a note
as i run out the door

i will deal with it tomorrow
and whatever it brings
i am no good at these kind of things
and all those other failure clich├ęs

some bullshit cowardice
resolution buckling
dissolution can fuck a thing
not solution suckling me with nourishment

why do i always expect punishment?

coffee drunk

today i am listening to bitches brew on the bus
it’s been a hot one
fruitless journeys with no coffee
and fruitful journeys with coffee beans and cheese

seeing a brand new building finished
texting and sexting
and writing about swimming pools
and future design ideas, culture
looking at pictures of significant jewellery

i set goals
i push others further off
every day is a mixture
the frustration, the jubilation
cars not arrived, buses taken
walks had, sweat leaked
salt and potassium taken
and coffee drunk
yes, in order to function – coffee drunk

a regular tuesday

we arrive with coffees in hand
get ready, and walk about
there’s a stabbing tonight
the police are looking up a tree
in a bush

the street painter paints three nudes
yesterday cezanne had conversations with van gogh
in his still lifes
he is a friendly guy
bumps fists instead of shaking hands
because of arthritis, i think

our drive home you are reading phantom of the opera
which references edgar allen poe
and his red death brings a raven
to the cellar door
and we talk of a rabbit hopping through time
but do not mention alice

love is you
you are love
a cup of tea
a beaker of water
a bowl of cornflakes and sleep
oh, and some sheep’s milk cheese

in charge

in the rain today
walking through the misting
with a book in mind
out to milk for the cereal
out to learn the art of the sale

at the cashpoint, sorry, ATM
i get one pristine andrew jackson
and one that’s seen better times
and i think about how to allocate
i have bills to pay

i thought i was going to coast today
burn out at the midpoint
and push through the fug
with a caffeine engine
with food as my life-buoy

but i was ticking along well
handling technical issues
sharing useful data
getting in my exchange
with the world at large

in charge

for the freakshow

you get paid a dollar a signature
and you talk about being not paid
for other jobs where you got the money
you are a fucked up algebraic logic breakdown

sweet girl who cuts
who wants to help herself
but gets broken by systems
that grind together in meshing teeth

she rachets up, twerking on the spot
voice stripping paint a block away
as the dogs not on leashes strain
and veterans drugs themselves out of pain

while the bus drops them off
two dollars spent
to lay out unwelcome in a park
where the dealers work until after dark

hotels aren’t what they used to be
people break their minds willingly
and like to brag to you about how fucked they are
in a bar displaying a scar for the freakshow