a busy day today

it’s a busy day today
fighting to do your job
and spread light into corners
where people want to dig in to the grime

we walk, then we drink
taking salt and potassium
to stay hydrated
in this wicked heat

it’s a rude day today
people are all snarl
and turn and tear
apart from the odd one

later on as the sun rests a little
we are all about art
and we are all about music
and sharing good food with good people

i talk to artists
i talk to my love
and we flit between this beauty
and we shine light into the heart of the park


after three wise skateboarders

on my way into work i see three skateboarders
wise men on their way to ghetto jesus
who dig my jimi hendrix shirt

work rolls around on the axis of copy
that spins sheds into magic
while i drink coffee and eat coffee beans

later, different town
the artist we see around
has his paints stolen then returned

we speak to him
exchange names
fist bump because he doesn’t shake

nice to meet genuine people
where some are fake
celebrate the decision the friendly make

in the bright sunlight

today I tell stories about sheds
and I am half asleep at the desk
I take my sleepy head
to get snacks twice today
and I drink a shit ton of coffee
to make it through, thought intact
all the energy I have lacked

the sun was squint bright
but I feel I float through the light
and anything trite
just flakes away from me
I am bright and shiny
let nothing confine me

I have beauty in my life
and have set aside the strife
by learning to take control
own my mistakes
and listen to my soul
control the coming breaks
do not apply the breaks
set a target, achieve a goal

itches i can’t scratch

oh, for itchy hours afterward
i will curse you, flea on the bus
some leathery homeless dude
or, not to be rude,
some aficionado of food
who finds it hard to stay clean
and offers unwanted gifts to us

i do not want to be bitten
and the poems written
might be a little more hopeful
if there was less shit like this

illness at the vet’s hospital
homeless guys with a clue of bucks
other rude public transport fucks
who can’t find their manners
to travel along amidst other human beings

itches i can’t scratch

toilet humour life – beans and pees

some days it’s a toilet humour life
broken up between toilet breaks
tests of endurance
that threaten embarrassment
passing gas like a punctured balloon
smiling at myself
as i look at the girl shorts i wear
for under where
it otherwise might chafe
after rice and beans i am hardly safe
waiting for the bus to arrive
so i can survive
and not pee my pants

learning more of damage

i think, another debased holiday
not that i take many
celebrate the everyday
and the special events calendar gets mundane

some days you feel inhuman
because you have your own problems
and a share of someone else’s weighs
too much; just enough for a tipped balance

i don’t hate anyone
but can loathe the situation
that dressed them up like this
and i can burn it down

as i travel by bus
as i walk the streets
talking to different people i meet
and learning more of damage
than i want to

random turn of frays

cleaning up vomit
or piss, or something
the bum left with our protest
took his beer
and his dehydrated self
and left a can and bodily fluids

two containers of water later
my appetite had waned
later it was regained
the chia seed dessert was frogspawn weird
the burrito bowl was good, later
much later, a video call
where i cheered my mum
and then everything went random
sunday night eclipsed in tandem
with being stranded
without a plan