cough it up

i wake at 4 this morning
shallow of breath, coughing up phlegm
you ask me if i’m alright
i say yes
morning comes around an i’m wiped
you’d told me you weren’t awake enough to be worried
that came later
i tell you not to worry
it’s because i am worried myself
i hate being this vulnerable
when my body forgets who is in charge
i remember hospital last year
i recall a similar story
and i am a little scared
i loe you so much and i am still scared


easy-going guy with easy-going dog

i am alive and it’s a beautiful day
so i am happy
you mosey along
your happy dog behind, no lead needed
two friends out for a walk

it was a night for friendly dog-walkers
and easy talkers
and the traffic was light

i stop in at walgreens
and the personable cashier
regales the vet with her war stories
about the insanity of life as a cashier
he admires her scars, she smiles

if you look for these human stories
they bless you with their glory
they are simple and unhidden
and they come unbidden

another saturday morning poem

i sleep in for a change
but wake before the phonecall
to go out shopping
i remember some things
but i forget others

they are giving away free wine
a little girl walks towards me
urgent to move this way
and i back into an old man
whose wife says he is just standing around

my tax money came today
and i will be paying off bills with it
making my finances sane again
getting closer to the future
time to spend on tomorrow

Friday Reign

Florida you forget yourself
Raining when I have no umbrella
And yesterday you’d promised rain
And didn’t deliver
Despite the fact I was prepared

I walked past the solemn security guard
Who can barely must a smile
As I nod on approach
Stepping into the electronic airlock of the door
Waiting to be seen

It’s getting cold now,
Out here,
I could go inside
But I want to write
And find it more conducive
Sat here,
Hearing the rain
Listening to people go by
Talking to each other
Telling stories

cheerful morning magician

i am sorry
you got supplanted by a cute baby
as we are often doomed to be
but you made our morning, yesterday
with your complimentary romantic gesture
allowing us to pass
because people holding hands should have the whole path

your cheerful red outfit
your flourish
acts like this nourish
the world
and you are an early morning magician
just the kind of guy who should inhabit our walk
we tell these stories as we talk
and we observe the air change around us
we are glad you found us
with your smile
and your act, so small, yet so worthwhile

saying hello to a baby at a bus stop

she looks at me
and it says hello
so i respond
her mother’s look is a commentary
so i say nothing
innocence is a devalued commodity
not shared across generation gaps
when something cynical can be thought instead
but this baby and me communicate
and i will say hello to beauty
wherever i am
and feel no shame
that is a game
i have no interest in

this isn’t kansas

i walk through physical spaces
talk through notional spaces
and each leave traces
in me that change the geography

i see florida spinning
moving around my head and thinning
in certain areas thickening
some of the imagery quickening

hinterland of fiction
a photo, or another depiction
click click click
a camera rather than shoe heels

this isn’t kansas